Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mason Jar Lady Bug Cookies

Dear Red Couch Recipe Readers.  It's that awesome season again when lady bugs come out from their slumber.  Little boys and girls everywhere are enchanted by them and catch them and place them in mason jars. 
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These cookies try to encapsulate that memory of finding lady bugs.
As a young child, my oldest daughter Tatianna, loved ladybugs.  One day after a successful hunt of lady bugs, I heard her say "Stop, that's enough!"  I asked her what she meant.  She said that "She had prayed to find lady bugs and she had found a lot, and she didn't need help to find anymore!"  Oh, those were the days.....
Several years we also bought lady bugs and released them.  Even though we followed the directions,  letting them out just before dark,  those lady bugs seemed to like our neighbors better than us!
If you would like to replicate these cookies, I have included a few tips on how to make them.  I received a mason jar cookie cutter in my swag bag at Cookie Con 2014.  It was from the Cookie Cutter Company.  Just search on the Internet to find sources for mason jar cookie cutters.
Make the cookies using a mason jar cutter, and then float them with royal icing, allowing them to dry overnight. 
At this point, color some of the royal icing, float consistency, red; I used Wilton's Red Red.  Pipe the icing into red circles for the lady bug bodies.  I used a Wilton 12 tip.  Make more than you think you will need, to allow for mistakes.  Pipe them in different sizes because lady bugs come in different sizes.  Allow them to dry overnight as your mason jar cookies are drying.
 The next day, spray the dried cookies  with the Pearl Wilton Color Mist, just to add a little bling.  The picture shows the cookies just after they have been sprayed, and before they are dried.  It only takes a few minutes for the cookies to dry. 
When the cookies are dry, take some white fondant and color  it gray.  I used the Americolor black. Then cut out the "lid" portion of the mason jar. 
Spray the "lid" with the Pearl Wilton Color Mist to give it a shiny appearance, then dab a bit of water on the back of the lid and place it on the mason jar cookie
Color some royal icing green; I used Wilton leaf green.   Pipe some grass in the jar using a grass tip (Wilton 233 tip).  Add a bit of baker's twine around the lid of the jar.  The twine was available at my Wal-Mart in the craft section.

Using a food marker, add the details to the lady bugs.  These food writers are available online.

With royal icing, glue the lady bugs into the jar.

Happy Spring from Red Couch Recipes!
I also made some quilted mason jars using the same cookie cutter. 
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sometimes the Easter Bunny Delivers Cookies

You know Mr. Easter Bunny is not all about chocolate eggs; sometimes he likes to deliver cookies.  Last night my girls and one of their friends sat down and decorated cookies.  It was a nice evening of working with royal icing and decorating.  Perfect, I can't say they were, but we are learning.  as they said at Cookie Con -- "It is jut a cookie!"   Just look at that fancy pink and white shirt  designed by my 13-year old daughter.

The big bunny delivered these to some friends.  Hope they like cookies for Easter.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forsythias and Eggs Easter Table

Welcome to our Forsythias and Eggs Easter Table!  The forsythia at our home is in bloom and is brightening up our property and life.  You always knows when the forsythia is in bloom that spring is here.
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I have had this venerable and honorable Mr. Rabbit for years.  Today he is carrying a load of forsythia instead of his usual load of eggs. 
I was a bit worried our forsythia wouldn't bloom this year because we had so little moisture, but fortunately, it did bloom!
Don't worry, he knows where his delivery of eggs are.  He will make it to your home this year :).  Some of eggs  have been skewed around the table.
A little view of the springey napkins.
I love these green glasses.  C'est magnifique, they are plastique!
How about some white chocolate mousse eggs?  Click here the recipe and instructions.  Around here, they are a family favorite around Easter
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