Friday, August 24, 2012

A Sweet Candy Tower for a "Sweet" 16 Birthday

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes where we have been celebrating my daughter Tati's 16th birthday.  A candy tower is a  perfect way to celebrate an event of a "sweet" one in your life!
The tower base is just some oasis blocks hot glued together (low temperature glue).  I always keep the plastic wrapping on the oasis.  Then I glue on candy, some balloon weights, "16" candles and some ribbons.
 The candy tower is reminiscent of My 16th birthday where girls would present the birthday gal with candy ribbons. The candy ribbons were basically a bow with ribbons streaming from the bow and  candy taped on the ribbons. The birthday gal would pin the bows on and all day long other students would pull candy off the birthday gal. Well, my daughter doesn't have this traditon at her school, but this is what I have taken to my children's school when they turned 16.
The idea is that students will tear off candy from the tower all day long.  There is a lot of candy here; the tower is actually heavy.
My daughter is very sweet and I hope she enjoys this sweet birthday surprise.
A couple of years ago, I found this concept on Kim's Cheap Chic Home website.
Thanks for dropping by the Red Couch.


Sarah said...

Joni, this is a darling idea! I know the Birthday Girl will think this a sweet thought. Happy Birthday, Tati!

La Table De Nana said...

My grandsons would think this is the best ever!:)

16..a milestone..:)

Anonymous said...

i have never heard of this, but it sure looks and sounds like a fun idea!! anne

Barbara F. said...

Perfect gift for a "Sweet 16"! Happy Birthday to Tati (cute name). xo

Marigene said...

Really cute idea for a birthday party.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Joni, what a sweet idea! Truly :-) The students will always remember that and so will Tati. Happy 16th to Tati!

Erin said...

Holy moly! Look at that! What child wouldn't LOVE to receive this!!!

Sue said...