Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color Festival

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes!

Over my children's spring break we attended a Color Festival.  It was a celebration of spring held at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah.

It is estimated that over 50,000 people attended the day we went.

The whole point is to get colored chalk all over you.  Sunglasses helped protect your from the chalk dust.

My son delighted in blowing and throwing chalk at people.  If you are at a chalk festival then you are fair game for anything.

Every two hours they hold a big throw where they count down to 10 and everyone throws the chalk.

Their hands covered in green chalk.

Their shoes and pants covered in chalk.

It was, for the most part, a family friendly crowd, and believe it or not most of the chalk easily came off.  My daughter Talley still has a bit of yellow hair from yellow chalk.

I also want to say congratulations to Chase, Jacqueline's son, who just received an LDS mission call to Seoul, Korea where he will be serving for 2 years.  My son Skyler's mission call should be arriving soon also.


Debbie said...

This looks like a perfect day of wholesome fun. I can see my younger daughter (in particular) really loving it.

Bonnie said...

You may have been neighbors with my daughters. They love the Festival of Colors. Looks like more laundry to me. I have never been. What a great experience to have a missionary. It's bittersweet and wonderful at the same time.

jo said...

My son went to the same festival, he goes to BUY in Provo..He enjoyed it. How exciting that your son is getting his mission call soon.

Kathleen said...

Oh wow! That looks like fun! I think I would be choking though!

Miss you, Joni, praying things will start going your way very soon!

Lynn said...

I've never heard of this Joni, but it sure looks like everyone is having a blast:@)

Alycia Nichols said...

What a wild way to spend a day!!! I think I saw this on the television news...or maybe it was the Internet. looks like they had a blast!!! I'm glad everyone had fun!

Sarah said...

Joni, fun to see a post from you. The Color Fest looks like a fun time. Not sure I could take all that chalk dust though. '-)
Hope life is good for you and your family.

Jacqueline said...

So fun! Amanda's clothes and shoes are permanently stained but she loves it too. I especially love your picture where you captured the chalk in the air! Too pretty.

Sue said...

Now that looks like fun! :) It is so exciting waiting for (and getting) a mission call! My son went to the Philippines, and I LOVED being a missionary mom! I'm sure you will too, Joni:)