Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Snowmen

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes!  Maybe if I do a Snowmen table, we will get some snow, but that hardly seems likely since we reached 54 degrees yesterday!  We  are badly in need of snow here in Utah this year..
I have had these huge Snowmen mugs for years, and have never used them, no not ever, until yesterday.  They are just too huge for hot cocoa, but then I realized they are perfect for soup!  I bought them years ago at Hallmark.  

I set the table with these hob nail glasses as they reminded me of snowmen's coal eyes.
I used both a red and an orange (because of his carrot nose) napkins in a coral napkin ring.

By each placesetting, I placed a little red votive.  We have been using these frequently at dinner to help brighten up the dark January nights.
I placed some aqua snowflakes with the pine cones; thought it went well with the Snowman mug's hat.
When I was setting this table, I did think it was a bit odd, but somehow it came together all right, at least I thought.

I wish you a happy January day. Thanks for dropping by Red Couch Recipes!
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Tricia said...

So cute, Joni! Those mugs are darling, and so unusual. I enjoyed reading about how you chose the other elements for the table -- love the "backstory"!

Marigene said...

Those are the cutest the handles on them.
Have a great week, Joni!

Jacqueline said...

I don't know - if they are too big for hot cocoa, fill the rest with whipped cream!!! Ha ha!
They are adorable and I am glad that you figured them out for soup. What fun. Well, you can have some of our snow. It hasn't gone away yet!! I know, I saw your temps and I complained to Kirk! We are in the 20's. You must live in a little warm pocket there.
The table is so cute with the mugs and the touches of bling to bring the light. Kirk didn't want to undecorate so we redecorated and left up all the blue and white for January snow. It is kind of fun not to have to put it all away!

Lynn said...

It's a cute setting Joni! Every little bit of color is welcome in Jan/Feb:@)

Beth said...

I like your tablescape, Joni! The snowman mugs are cute and the snowflake glasses pretty. I like the napkins and napkin rings too.

Sarah said...

Joni, these little snowmen are adorable. Your added details work perfectly with these whimsical guys. I love to have a mug of soup at this table. Happy January! ~ Sarah

Bonnie said...

It's darling Joni. Just the right amount of color contrast. What a cheery table setting. We do need snow...but after a week of my hubby being away in AZ and Me shoveling 4 times a day for 4 days, I am sad to say I am relishing the break. Maybe we got more snow up north than you did. Hope you get some soon.

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

We need snow here also so I can get my exercise on the weekend. LOL We usually cross country ski and snowshoe every weekend in the winter. Those are the cutest mugs ever, and I hope they bring us both some snow.

P.S. I answered your question on my blog about the peppers. Hope it helps!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Those mugs are sooo cute! Great idea to use those stems as a reminder of the snowman's nose. laurie

Debbie said...

This is adorable. I love the way you used the pops of orange with red for the nose. It's a simple detail that most would miss, and it adds such interest. Snowmen just make me happy inside for some reason. Don't know why other than the fact that I haven't seen or made one since moving to Georgia all those years ago.