Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Love Table

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes and my Valentine's Love Table.  This is my second Valentine Table of the season.  This table features Brook Pink transferware salad plates. 


Underneath the plate is a heart plate.

The pink ramekins are a sweet addition to the table setting.

 As a younger girl, I always thought that pink and red clashed, but I think these shades look wonderful together.
A napkin view.  

I chose the cranberry King's Crown goblet and a clear bubbly glass for the stemware.  My aunt always used King's Crown at Christmas, but it also is fabulous for Valentine's Day.

Just a view of the table.

I partially filled the apothecary jar with conversation hearts.  I am not a huge fan of them.  I think they are cute, but I don't like the taste.  However, our little ten year-old friend does, and they are mostly gone by now.

Valentine's Day is about LOVE, and in our home it is not just about romantic love, but about love and kindness to each other.  My children do not like Valentine's Day very much because of the perceived emphasis on romantic love.  Last year we invited a single friend of ours to dinner.  The butter served with the asparagus formed a heart shape!

I hope you LOVE my table.

As I was thinking about doing a "Table Information" paragraph, I began to think about the people I love who have given me the elements for this table as gifts of love. 
Table Information
Jacqueline:  White chargers, heart plates and ramekins, King's Crown and clear bubbly glass stemware.  All, but the King's Crown from Tai Pan Trading.  King's Crown from e-bay.  The clear bubbly glasses, a favorite of mine, may have also come from my other sister Jean. Both sisters just kind of presented them to me.
Tatianna (daughter) :  Brook Pink Transferware salad plates
Mom and Dad (Nedra and Fritz):  Damask Rose Sterling
Napkins and Paper Heart Placemats:  Home Goods last year

Red Plates:  Wal-Mart
Napkin Rings:  Style Sisters

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Beautiful table with so many adorable hearts and so romantic too! I love all the red as well. Those two-tone stems are my fav...gorgeous!!!

Tricia said...

Joni, that transferware is swoon-worthy, and it looks fabulous with the other pinks and reds on your table. Those pink heart-shaped ramekins are adorable!

Bonnie said...

Joni, your table is striking. I love how you remember who gave you what and enjoy using their gifts. I am sentimental like that too.

You are always cooking something wonderful so I know you will serve something extra special from these dishes.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Bonnie said...

Love love love this table! Especially the red transferware. I have a thing for transferware. It is cheery.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Love your dish stack. The heart ramekins look cute on the transferware plate. Those goblets look great for Valentine's Day. I finally remembered to use my red stemware which I usually think of for Christmas only.

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Joni! I think it's a great idea to do a table information paragraph with each post! It not only lets your readers know where things came from, but it helps you when you look back 20 years from now to remember. For me, 20 years from now will be a time I'll HAVE to look back to remember ANYTHING! :-) :-) :-)

Your table is beautiful! I, too, used to question the combination of pink & red, but in my old age I have come to understand and appreciate the pairing. You did a wonderful job with it here!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Jacqueline said...

Oh wow, did I give you all that? Isn't it funny that you remembered but I didn't. I often forget to give my sources as I am rushing to get it done.i love it that you mentioned the 10 year old that loves the hearts! Our apothecary jars are constantly being eaten from by the little ones. So far no broken tops.
My kids have always thought Valentines was for them! So I have given in and included them for years. said...

I do LOVE your table, especially the pink heart ramekins and the LOVE letters! Sweet to list your personal sources, I get such joy using things friends have given me and thinking of them~

Anonymous said...

Lovely table...the transferware plates are wonderful.

Miss Jane said...

Your table is adorable and those chargers are gorgeous.
About the idea that Valentine's Day is about romantic love; I found some vintage Valentine postcards recently and most of them were addressed to families. One Valentine's story is about the dedication of a daughter and her imprisoned father.
It's about Love and that's always good.