Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Twas the Night Before Christmas Tablescape

Dear Red Couch Readers, Merry Christmas to all of you!  "Twas the Night Before Christmas" is the quintessential Christmas poem.  It was written in 1823 by Clement C. Moore.  These Johnson Brother's dishes, "Twas the Night," take the name of the poem and provide a delightful scene on each dish, with verses of the beloved poem.  I am enchanted with them.  Not surprisingly, we will be using these dishes on Christmas Eve. 
Of course, no Christmas Eve dinner would be complete without the red King's Crown glasses that my wonderful Aunt Ionia used to set her "adult" table every year on Christmas Eve.  These glasses were given to me by my sister Jacqueline.  I love the little wine charms on the clear bubble glasses.
The adult table at my Aunt Ionia's, many moons ago., with the King's Crown glasses.

The dinner plate begins the poem, "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...."

I bought these salad plates last year, and I did not realize that each one was different, with a different scene and verse.  Look how delightful this St. Nick is.  "He was chubby and plump a right jolly old elf.  And I laughed when I saw him in spire of myself."

"His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow.  And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow."
"The lump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth.  And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath."

"A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, soon gave me to know that I had nothing to dread."

The napkin view.

A key to let Santa in the door is awaiting the night.

I do believe in Santa.  Even as a toddler my mother said I loved Santa.  Other girls liked dolls, I carried around a stuffed Santa with black rubber boots all the year round.  When I could first speak, my mother said I went around saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!"  I called him "Causie" and thought he was my special friend.

Santa's bells are awaiting to herald in Christmas Eve.  These Santa Hat Hershey kisses are just adorable.  They are exclusive to Target.

We brought out the silver, Damask Rose, and yes, I might be counting it after dinner.  One Christmas Eve, not too long ago, our friend Leroy thought it was so funny that I counted our silver after dinner, as if we suspected him or something....WELL.....We explained to him that spoons sometimes ended up in the trash. 

A full view of the table.

A side view. The little berry bowls have the verse, "And mama and her kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled in for a long winter's nap."  There are other dishes available with other verses of the poem on them. 

I adore these huge jingle bells. 

May you have the merriest of Christmases.  From our Red Couch to yours.  Thanks for dropping by, hopefully you are not droopy with all the rush of Christmas!


Unknown said...

Beautiful dishes! I'm in love with this Johnson Brothers pattern. What a blessing you have there! said...

Jingle all the way! Love the red and white plates! said...

I forgot to mention that I ALWAYS count my silver :)

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Love everything about this table! Merry Christmas and Peace in the New Year.

Jacqueline said...

Those dishes are fantastic! Wherever did you get those? I love having the poem on the dishes. What fun. I love the glasses and the Christmas bells too! I still believe in the magic of Santa!

Tati said...

What a beautiful table!! And those dishes are so pretty!! I love the berry bowls!