Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gingerbread Creations at the Grand

Every year at Christmas Christ Kitchen holds a professional gingerbread contest.  Numbers were down this year, but I will share with you a few of the best.

The best, in my opinion was the Nativity Scene done by the Hall Family.  Every detail was amazing, and it is all edible!

A wiseman...

Another Wise Man

 I loved the camel.

 The details on the stable were amazing.  See the little bird.

 The Palm Trees

 I liked this little trove of water.

The lambs were so cute.

There was even a little dog!

My second favorite was done by a local cupcake shop, Sweet Frostings.  It was a depiction of  Family at Christmastime.  There were three scenes.  There was a Christmas Tree and Fireplace Scene, a bringing home the Christmas Tree Scene, and a Holiday Baking Scene.

The Christmas Tree and Fireplace Scene

The bringing home the Christmas Tree Scene, which I thought was charming.

These two just make me smile!

The third scene was a holiday kitchen.

I like the blue appliances.  The cabinets had dishes in them!

The little dog in front of the stove was so cute.

This is a fun event to go to every year.  I will close with a few pictures of the gorgeous Christmas trees in the Grand Hotel.

Thanks for dropping by; hoping you are having a wonderful holiday season with you and yours.

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Jacqueline said...

I looked at your post on my phone first and had to switch to my computer. What a difference. I couldn't see all the details on my phone! I agree, that Nativity is stunning. Each one is a charmer. A lot of talent went into these. Did you get to have lunch there? I just loved that.