Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baseball Cookies For Eagle Scout Project

Hi everyone!  On Saturday I impressed everyone with my drilling skills --- a BIG NOT! 
We met with some people from our church and my son's Scouting Group to build baseball bleachers for my son's Eagle Project.  When my son heard about this project, he was excited as he had played baseball for about nine years, but quit to playhigh school soccer.  I really enjoyed watching him play baseball.

As a treat for those helping I made baseball sugar cookies. 

One of the boys from the Scout Troop
Do you think he liked  the cookies?  This guy was out late the night before pranking people.  Yes, he pranked out home too.

I used Sue's, Munchkin Munchies,
 cookie and icing recipe printed below.
I love these cookies;  they are no chill and they roll out so easily.  They have become my absolute favorite sugar cookie!  They make about 2 dozen large sugar cookies. 

No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

6 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
2 cups butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 teaspoon  salt

Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla. Mix dry ingredients and add to butter mixture.  Mix well.

Roll to desired thick and cut into desired shapes. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes or just until beginning to turn brown around the edges. I like to roll them at least 1/4 to 1/3 inch-thick; they just tast so good thick.  Also be sure to check them at 8 minutes with the first pan.  Most likely, especially if they are thick and large cookies, you will need time, but just to be sure, check them early.

Royal Icing Recipe
You can halve it, if you would like.

Makes about six cups of icing
7-1/2 cups confectioner's (powdered) sugar
6 tablespoons  meringue powder
12 tablespoons warm water

Beat in a stand mixer for about 4-5 minutes until smooth.  You may have to add a slight bit of water, if it is too thick for you to outline the borders of your cookies.  If the icing is too thin, then add more powdered sugar.    When adding water, do so carefully.  You can use a decorator tip or bottle to make the outline.  Outline your cookies and allow them to dry for at least one hour.  For flow consistency, filling  in your cookies within the outline, you will need to add additional water.  Fill in with the help of the back of a spoon; back up the icing to the border.  Let dry overnight and then add the details with more icing.  Let dry again.  Sue says, and I agree, that just a little bit of experience will help with icing the cookies.  It just takes a bit of experience to know the proper consistencies for both the border and the fill-in icings. 

Building the Benches

I have included quite a few pictures of building the benches.  I was so thankful that so many people came out to support my son on Wednesday and Saturday.  It felt like the spirit that might exist at an old-fashioned barn raising.

This is how the benches looked when we showed up on Saturday.  On Wednesday night, 20 Scouts and leaders worked on the benches for a couple of hours.  We ran out of wood, so we didn't finish on Saturday; we just have a couple more hours of work. 

My son's Sunday School teacher.

Getting instructions from the older generation.

One of  his Young Men leaders.  He's the guy with all the know-how.

Yes, girls were invited.

 The Little League Field

One of my son's Young Men Leaders.

This guy worked until 3 am Saturday morning and still came to help.

There were some tough angles to work from.

The scout  to the right didn't approve of my drilling skills!  He would say, "When the drill makes that sound, you are not doing it right."  I need to buy a DeWalt cordless drill and practice.  Some of the guys enjoying a pizza break.

Another shot of the baseball cookies.

Thanks for dropping by my Red Couch today.

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Lynn said...

So glad to see everyone come out for such a worthy cause Joni! Your cookies are so cute, I'm going to copy the recipes, still looking for that great cut out cookie! It looks like they were all fed very well:@)

La said...

Way to go, Joni!

Debbie said...

That's a wonderful Eagle Scout project. I know you're proud of your son.

I am actually a really good cookie baker. It's the one kitcheny thing that I can do. However, I seem to flunk royal icing often enough to be about a C average.

I will keep on practicing. It will not beat me. LOL

Joy Tilton said...

Scout projects bring out the best in all of us! Those bleachers will be used for many years and appreciated so much! The cookies are just beautiful, bakery perfect! I am saving this recipe, can't wait to try it out...

Jacqueline said...

That is a fabulous Eagle Project. They will take great pride every time they see it! He looks great in his photo too. I love the cookies and I love the way you bagged them and tied them off, I beg they were impressed. Great post! I am going to have to try Sue's recipe with that high recommendation!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a great project! You are such a wonderful cookie decorator. I'm sure they hit a home run with the helpers :)

I'm copying and saving the recipe!

Erin said...

Your cookies look great! I totally agree about Sue's sugar cookie recipe. It's my favorite!

Shannon Heugly said...

LOVE the cookies! They look so perfect. You are amazing. I can't wait to try that recipe, I especially like that it is "no chill"! What a great project Skyler is doing. I am glad you had as much help as you did. It is so nice to see the support for Skyler. Way to get Devon back by posting that picture! Ha Ha!

Dianne said...

Looks like a really great day and I am going to make those cookies. Sugar cookies are my absolute favorite. thanks for sharing. Dianne

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Joni, YOu must be so proud of your son! An Eagle Scout, what a BIG accomplishment! I congratule all of you!
This worthwile project looks like it had many helping hand to complete it!
And... thanks for the cookie recipe. They are adorable!

Sue said...

Wow, what a great project! That's awesome that so many people came out to help! Kudos to your son on his Eagle project, and kudos to you on the cookies(the bigger the better I say:))! Thanks for the link-love, Joni! So glad that you like the recipe.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

What a great project!!! I LOVE to see "TEAMWORK"... WOW those cookies are WINNERS TOO, I'll be adding them to my Joni's goodies book. Your Gingersnaps are a weekly ritual here now...Everyone looks for "Joni's cookies" at my house! I did what you said and rolled balls and keep them frozen "For Fast Emergency Smiles"!
Thank you Sweetie for all the goodies and all the fun.
Hugs to you,

Leslie said...

How adorable are these sweet baseball cookies?!! I (along with my family) happen to love baseball and these would be a perfect way to celebrate! I'll have to make them:)

I just found your blog through Savvy Southern Style, and am so glad I did! I will certainly come back to visit.


Mikey Fuller said...

Great project, and thanks for the cookie inspiration! I have an urge to make some Lavendar Vanilla Cookies! Mmmmm. Maybe with a lemon royal icing!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Ladybird Ln said...

Your cookies look so yummie, and what a grat service project! I made some Rice Krispy treat baseballs this week for my daughters T ball team using a similar idea.... yours look a little more professional though!


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