Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Table

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes and to my Mother's Day Table.

My mother used to have a set of transferware; I think it was blue willow.  My transferware is  Brook Pink by Churchill.

Here I have added a little hobnail bowl.

My centerpiece is a threesome of little plants in red pots.  My mother loved plants.

I set the table out on our deck.  My mother loved the outdoors so it is fitting that the Mother's Day table is set on the deck.  She loved feeding and watching the birds.  There were two pairs on binoculars, for bird watching, in our home.  One in the front and one in the back -- she didn't want to miss a bird.

I am not sure what my mother's favorite color was, but I know that she liked bright vibrant colors.  She would have liked this table; I set it in red as it is my favorite color.

Another view of the plants.  There are two geraniums and a lemon thyme.  I have never had a lemon thyme plant before; their scent is so seductive.

Just another happy little view.

A napkin view.  I have used the Style Sisters napkin rings very frequently on my tables.

Dearest Mother (we always called her Mother).  You have been so missed these past 21 years though I know you are looking over us.  I often wonder what could have been if you were here. 

So to all mothers who have loved, sacrificed, worried, worked, laughed, nurtured, and sorrowed, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

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Barbara F. said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! I love the red and the little plants. Your mom would have been so proud of you and your sister. xo,

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Joni, what a beautiful tribute to your Mother. It was so sweet that you remembered some things she loved and made it a part of your table for Mother's Day.
I am a big fan of red and white too! Such a happy table! I can imagine your Mother would have been so proud!

Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful setting and all in my favorite color too! Your mom has been gone a long time, mine 11 years. We never stop missing them do we. Happy Mothers day to a lovely lady! :D

Jacqueline said...

I wonder what her favorite color was, isn't that odd, I never thought of that before. Red is such a gorgeous color and photographs so well. Love your transferware and those red goblets. Try making some shortbread cookies with the lemon thyme, it is wonderful, Tawnya Lemone showed us how to make that (in Lindon). Have a wonderful Mother's Day to a great mother.

Debbie said...

It all looks just beautiful. I just love a red table. For some reason (maybe the name of your blog) I always associate you with red dishes.
I love those happy red pots of plants and herbs.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' the red and white Joni, such a pretty table! I just planted lemon thyme in my garden last week, nothing better than running my fingers through it every time I pass by! A nice tribute and I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day:@)

Marie Arden said...

What a refreshing color combo for MOther's Day and a sweet tribute to your mom. Have a fun weekend.

podso said...

Such a lovely post and a wonderful tribute to your mom. especially with so many things that she loved. It's so cheery too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table. The red and white makes for a very refreshing setting. Your Brooke Pink transferware is gorgeous!! And I love those little red bowls, too. I like how you have layered two of the Style Sisters napkin rings together; great look!

Rettabug said...

Oh ♥ skipped a beat when I saw all this Gorgeous RED!! I ♥♥♥ RED & wear it frequently, but I have very little in the way of dishes in it. Yours are lovely & I like the way you incorporated things that your Mother loved, too. What a nice way to honor her memory. I'm sure she is pleased & smiling down on you for this one.

Happy Mothers Day, Honey!

Velva said...

I love the passionate shades of red used for your Mother's Day table. What a great color with the background of greenery. Love it! The day is already special with this table setting.

Happy Mother's Day-


Vicki V @ said...

Lovely and lively. Well done!

once in a blue moon said...

very cute, i so adore layering with color, PLUS, you can just pull the table right up to your red couch :)

Marlis said...

happy mother's day. I miss mine too. Your table is lovely!!! I love the red hobnail bowls. and the transferware is perfect in the mix. Great pots with plants. I got some lemon thyme too, think I'll take Jacqueline's suggestion for the shortbread cookies! I loved your table!

The White Farmhouse said...

What a sweet post and a beautiful table! Love all of your mother's sentiment that went in to making it too. My mom has been gone 26 years and I miss her more now than then.

Aledia said...

LOVE the red!!

Sue said...

What a wonderful table setting tribute to your mom. Lovin' all the red, and I adore transferware...I can imagine myself in the little scenes:) Happy Mother's day, Joni(I hope I'm not repeating myself)!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

A beautiful table and a touching post.

Joycee said...

Such a beautiful post Joni, touched my heart. She would have loved the beauty and purpose of your and Jaqueline's blogs. Happy Mother's Day sweetie!

Tanya@takesix said...

Joni, my favorite color is red too! Your table is beautiful, as is your tribute to your mother. Have a happy Mothers Day!

Deanna said...

love the vibrant red and white!
Happy Mother's Day toy o,

Tess said...


This is such a nice tribute to your mother. I have been planning one for my mother...just haven't done it yet. I'm sure you miss her a lot.

Your table is gorgeous...nothing better than red in my book (though pink is right up there!)

Hope you have a very nice Mother's Day!

KHS said...

What a sweet way to honor the memory of your mother. I know she is looking down on you and your siblings as each of you continue your life's journey. I lost my precious mother five years ago and still remember all the special ways she has influenced my life yesterday, today and always.
Mother's Love
"I feel that in the heavens above,
The angels, whispering to one another,
Can know, among their burning terms of love,
None so devotional as that of Mother."
-Poe 1893-

Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Katherine S.

anniebakes said...

Lovely sentiment! Happy Mother's day to you, anne

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Beautiful table and lovely sentiment for your mother. I miss mine also.

Happy Mother's Day to you also, Jacqueline!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Shoot, I just realized I called you by your sister's name. Sorry, Joni.

Anonymous said...

First, I was delighted to read your interesting introduction to *you* on your About Me page. And your tablescape was lovely, the red really pops! And I love the way you remembered your dear mother - we never completely get over the absence of our mother, do we? So glad we will see them again some day. Thanks for sharing, I found you at the Between Naps tablescape celebration.

Redo 101

Kathleen said...

That is so pretty, J! A lovely tribute to your mom. I know she didn't like Mother's Day.
I must get some of that lemon thyme, it must smell lovely.
We went over to the other side of the island to do some plant shopping. It is still a little early here to plant, but I bought myself a pretty geranium with bacopa in it. Maybe it will be warm enough to have a cup of coffee on the porch Mother's Day and admire the gift I bought myself! :)
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, J, and I know our mom's are too! My mom would be telling me to get off the computer and wash the windows! :)

La said...

Happy Mother's Day, Joni.

I love your transferware. SO PRETTY!

Marivene said...

Red is my mother's favorite color. Beautiful table!

Cindy said...

Beautiful tablescape! Happy Mother's Day!!!