Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkins Elevated Tablescape

Zoulah wishes you a warm, wonderful witchie welcome to Red Couch Recipes and to her Pumpkins Elevated Tablescape.  Zoulah and I  have been infactuated with pumpkins for many years.  We love the color, we love to carve them, and we love to decorate with them.
Years ago I found these cute little salad plates at a grocery store.  The dinner plate is a basket woven reactiveware plate.
The table linen has cut-out jack-o-lanterns on it.  I bought it at TJ Maxx this year.  Zoulah warns you NOT to buy it.  The cut-out pumpkins are so fragile that it will be like a one-use tablecloth.
We entitled our tablescpae "Pumpkins Elevated" because we think they deserve more love and admiration!  We have put some pumpkins on candlesticks to elevate them.   Can you see that ceramic lunchsack Jack-O-Lantern?  My husband bought that for me years ago.  I was so thrilled when he brought it home.  We were just newlyweds then.  Another time he brought home one of those huge pumpkins; it was one of the most favorite gifts I ever received from him!  I am not kidding!!
Here's a better picture of the ceramic sack Jack-O-Lantern.  We also have a big black metal tub full of pumpkins and other fall-ish items.  It sits on our dinner table.
Here's a longish view of the table.  The Jack-O_Lantern serving plate was from Target years ago.  I have broke, in my moves, several other Halloween dishes from Target over the years ...:(.  They used to have such wonderful Halloween glassware.
Here's my "bubbly glass" view of my table.  The amber-colored pumpkins were bought at Tai Pan Trading years ago.
My mother-in-law encouraged me to buy the large "kettle" Jack-O-Lantern at a boutique near her home.  She said it was "me,"  I like to put dry ice in it and the "smoke" comes out its eyes, mouth, and nose.
Zoulah made some "pumpkin" candy for you.  She hopes you like it.  The ceramic Jack-O-Lantern graces the our deck table.  It was purchased many years ago from a Payless Drug Store in Californi.
If you visit us at our home, you will be greeted with lots of pumpkins on our porch and stairs.  Talley, the 11 year old Red Couche,  insisted we do it up big with pumpkins.  We went to a friend's home pumpkin patch.  Here in the country, it is not uncommon for grandmas to plant pumpkins and then let their little grandchildren come pick a pumpkin!  I want to be a grandma like that!
At certain times, they just have a beautiful glow.
This poor one has lost its stem.  Zoulah and I do not like it when the stems break off.  Pumpkins without stems are like dishes with large chips in them!
our 11-year old has already carved a pumpkin.
It is good to have younger children.  Our older children are involved with many things outside the home, but thank goodness for Talley, she is still "into" the holidays. 
She wrote on our chalkboard and she, Zoulah, and I wish you a Happy Halloween season.
Thanks for dropping by!
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Barbara F. said...

I love your scarecrow dishes, Joni. Talley did a great job carving the pumpkin and writing on the chalkboard. I am a pumpkin lover too. xo

Debbie said...

Count me in as another pumpkin lover here. I don't have as many around here this year. I got such a late start decorating.

I really love the way yours are elevated like that. It kind of "makes" the table. Of course, all the other wonderful Halloweeny stuff makes it perfect. (I got the leaf version of that table cloth in the spring and noticed the same thing. Phooey,)

Debbie said...

Count me in as another pumpkin lover here. I don't have as many around here this year. I got such a late start decorating.

I really love the way yours are elevated like that. It kind of "makes" the table. Of course, all the other wonderful Halloweeny stuff makes it perfect. (I got the leaf version of that table cloth in the spring and noticed the same thing. Phooey,)

Kim, USA said...

Love your tablescape. ^_^


Marlis said...

With those candlesticks, I'd elevate anything.. they are just fabulous. Love pumpkins too. They just seem so happy. Great job on the pumpkin carving and the blackboard.. Those sweet pumpkin snowmen plates are really cool. Great table.. xo marlis

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a fun table and a fun house, Joni! I love your grocery store plates and I love the kettle that your MIL talked you I to buying. The elevated pumpkins look so pretty. Talley makes it extra fun and does a great job at carving .... very impressive.

xinex said...

You really have so many beautiful pumpkins. Love your table!...Christine

Monica @ Happily Playing with Dishes said...

I like your elevated pumpkins. Well all your pumpkins really. Your table is warm and inviting.

Bonnie said...

Such a fun table. So I have to tell you that I have the same Jack-O-Lantern ceramic sack. I made it in RS many, many years ago. We put a candle in ours. Surprisingly, it's still intact after all these years. My 24 yo and friend from Puerto Rico carved pumpkins at conference time. Apparantly they don't have real ones there. It was like having a little one again with all the excitement at the carving.

Sarah said...

Cute dishes, Joni. I'm always amazed that grocery stores sometimes have the cutest holiday dishes. LOL
All your pumpkin accents look great. Just put pumpkins out on our porch. Hoping the squirrels don't eat them..........Sarah

Mary said...

I love your abundance of pumpkins on your steps and at the table! Your salad plates are adorable~ I've seen so many posts lately from plates found at the grocery store! I clearly need to grocery shop somewhere else :) I love your JOL kettle too~ what spooky fun to have dry ice/smoke billowing out of it!

Ann @ Corner of Plaid and Paisley said...

You have a great collection of all thing pumpkin!! Pumpkins remind me of all things good in this world!! Maybe because I love fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving! I love the way you elevated a couple of them, they look great up on a pedestal!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I like all your pumpkins and the elevations for some of them! Great idea! I have the same tablecloth and was going to get rid of it but used it one more time for my tablescape! You are right they are fragile! I also have a metal kettle jack-o-lantern!! I like those pumpkin plates from the grocery store- great colors!

Tea in Texas said...

Terrific Tablescape! The elevated pumpkins are a great idea and then the other pumpkins create a pretty fall centerpiece. The posting about your gifts from your husband is very sweet. The jack-o-lantern plate is wonderful stacked on the brown dinner plate for your halloween table display.

Thanks, Pam

Marigene said...

I love your very festive table...especially the scare pumpkin plates! I never see cute plates like those while retail shopping.

Scribbler said...

Lucky you to have such an abundance of punkins!

I am threatening to grow some of those little ones for pies next year -- or at least try. My poison thumb is famous.

Sue said...

I like Talley's chalkboard art! :) I need to do that on my chalkboard kitchen door. I LOVE your metal tub with all the fall beauties! Last year we had a pumpkin patch in our yard and the grandkids did get pumpkins, but this year we never got around to planting them:(

bj said...

I love pumpkins, too and I really love your adorable table...
and that is such a cute, carved pumpkin by your little one.
Over from Cuisine Kat's.

Danielle's Heartfelt Home said...

Hi Joni, I love your pumpkin salad plates! They are too cute! Everything looks so festive and wonderful! Happy Halloween and happy Fall!

Danielle xo