Friday, September 13, 2013

Monster Donuts

Zoulah welcomes you to Red Couch Recipes!
Okay, so her green face is blushing a bit because do these really need any instructions?  Take some chocolate cake donuts, melt some green candy melts and drip and spread the candy melts around.  Then add some candy eyes  The candy eyes are available at Wal-Mart in the Halloween and cake decorating sections.  If you want to make the green a different color -- Zoulah didn't.  You must use special coloring.

Zoulah yelled a big drat today as she was making these.  She only made these two donuts because while she was making them, the power went out for over six hours!  When it came back on, they donuts had magically disappeared !  Drat that Red Couch Family!  Once again, Zoulah was inspired by Matthew Mead
Zoulah thanks you for dropping by Red Couch Recipes
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Lynn said...

I'm sure the kids loved them:@)

Entertaining Women said...

Ah, the Zoulah season has finally arrived. Looking forward to the fun. Cherry Kay

Mom E. said...

And Zoulah has no need to blush, I NEEDED the instructions!
Please tell zulah I am sorry about the power outage, that is a most frustrating thing!
And i believe that those doughnut goblins exist everywhere! They go ble all the goodies they can see! Glax they are easy to duplicate...

Anonymous said...

Drat, indeed! I have a fantasy of making doughnuts again!