Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tablescaping at the Smithsonian and Awestruck with Washington D.C. and Virginia

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes, where I bring you kind of a different post from my travels back east this summer.  I haven't posted a tablescape in months!  I miss the society of all the wonderful tablescapers.  Some of you know my husband was working in Northern Virginia this past year, so this June I was able to go back to visit him two times in June.  On one of the trips we took our three children who had never been back east.  On the first day in town we took the Metro into Washington D.C. and went to the Smithsonian Air and Science Museum. 
Beware...there are only a few tablescaping pictures and lots of back east pictures. 
 My husband was thrilled with the museum, and my kids less so after our three hour visit :).
 My husband is a mechanical engineer and loves aircraft. 
The day we visited, the Air and Science Museum closed early as they were hosting a private party.  I snapped some pictures of the tables.  I loved the green glass plate; it was gorgeous.  I would like to have some like these.

Most of all I liked the unusual centerpieces.  The greenery was bended to look like ribbons.

I love the purple and white tables.  I wonder what they served for dinner.  I was not invited :).

A trip to the Smithsonian without seeing the Hope Diamond?  I think not!
We loved the energy of the city. We come from a very small town, so my children always love visiting a big city.
No White House Tours for us!  it amazed me how since September 11, you cannot get very close to the White House.  No President Obama sightings either.

 The National Zoo is not located near the other Smithsonian Museums.  We took an entirely different train and had to walk quite a few blocks to get there. 

My kids loved going to the National Zoo.  We even saw the little red panda that became an escape artist after we left.  I wonder if my kids had anything to do with this?

Our son Skyler outside of the Jefferson Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background.  The Washington Monument is still being fixed up after the 2011 earthquake in the D.C. area.
I would have loved to have some time to contemplate while visiting the Lincoln Memorial, but it was crowded with people.  If you have seen Jimmie Stewart in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," you will understand how I feel about Washington D.C.  -- awestruck and gaga for monuments and history. 

We ate ice cream (Ben and Jerry's) as we drove around the monuments at night.  The Jefferson Memorial at night is fabulous!  Sorry, I didn't get a photo of that.
While my husband worked I took the children to Arlington National Cemetery.  It is very sobering.  Military funerals are held here every day.
On a hill at Arlington is the Arlington House, the pre-Civil war home of Robert E. Lee and Mary Custis.  The interior furniture of Arlington House is being refurbished right now, but it is still worth a visit.  The view of the Potomic River and the Washington Mall is exquisite.

Of course we went to Georgetown. We loved the architecture.
I am thinking that this Red Couch home deserves a red door like this.
 Of course we had to try out some famous cupcakes.

We fought the crowds and got our own pink box.
Our pink box.  A little bit too much Key Lime Pie going on here.  The cupcakes were a bit roughed up in this picture:  it was hard getting the pink box out of the bag :).
When I came back to Virginia with my husband, we went back to Georgetown and visited Sprinkles.  As for the DC and Sprinkles Cupcakes, I guess I am a homemade cupcake kind of gal.
My husband's landlord thought it was so odd that we came back east and tracked down eating places. 
We went to Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken too, because their crème brulee donut is ranked number 1, by the Washington Post.  We even made a special trip into Washington D.C. only to be disappointed by a sign outside that said their donuts were sold out.  This was at about 11:00 in the morning.   
A little bit off the beaten path, but very fun is watching planes land at Reagan International Airport from Gravelly Park.  The planes fly right over you.
We went to Fredericksburg National Battlefield in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.  It was raining (think the kids were glad), and I gave them an abbreviated tour of the important points of the battle.  I had been there in February, without them.  It is such a moving place.  This is the tale of the Union forces losing badly to the Confederates because of geography (the sunken road) and delays.  Someday I will do a post on it.   
We were able to visit our son, daughter in-law, and two children in Richmond, Virginia.  Our son has one more year of medical school there at Virginia Commonwealth.
Aivi loves the outdoors.
Sydney was about seven months then. 
Loved our day at Virginia Beach.  This King Neptune statue is amazing.
My girls taking selfies (I think that is what they call it!) at Virginia Beach.
I hope you enjoyed our visit to the east coast and the tablescape at the Smithsonian.
Thanks for dropping by Red Couch Recipes.
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Lynn said...

Looks like you all had a fun visit:@)

Sue said...

This just makes me want to take this trip even more than I already wanted to. I have been, but I was about 10 years old and while I do remember it, I would appreciate it all so much more now. My husband has never been to DC. It is on the bucket list! Your pictures are wonderful. I always plan for food treats too...doesn't everyone?

Jacqueline said...

What an amazing experience for your children from the Museums to the beach to the cupcake hunt! Even if the cupcakes were a bit disappointing, it was still fun to try them wasn't it? I can't believe I was midlife before I ever went back there and hubby still hasnt gone. Jessica and I went to visit Rachel. The tables are fun and what a great place to have a party like that. It made me long to go back too! You need to post this on The Tablescapers, OH THE PLACES I'VE BEEN

Bonnie said...

I love seeing your photos. The DC area is one of my favorite places. So many things to see and do. Our oldest daughter lives in Arlington and works in oldtown Alexandria. I hope to get back to visit her next month. I think your personal tablescapes are much prettier than the one you posted but I agree...the bent banana leaves were pretty amazing in the floral arrangements.

Barbara F. said...

Great photos, Joni. So much to see in Dc. xo

Debbie said...

Wonderful pictures of my favorite city in the whole country. I would love it even if my daughter didn't live there, but her presence makes it even more wonderful.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What fun times for you and your family, Joni! I loved seeing the spots you visited and the search for the cupcakes. The best was that you're a homemade cupcakes kind of girl!! Me, too, Joni!

xinex said...

What a wonderful family trip. You have a beautiful family. You are right about Washington DC, so much to see there. Thanks for taking me there again....Christine

Scribbler said...

It has been a long time since I have been to DC, so I really enjoyed seeing your pix. Love the front doors on the brownstone (I am guessing?), and sure, get you some!

Unknown said...

Thank you for a trip back down memory lane. Our family visited many of the same attractions during a DC trip 10 years ago. So much we couldn't do because of the 9/11 security changes. But, like you say, still worth the visit! Lovely post - thanks for sharing! I love those leaf ribbons, too. :-)
Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

Savannah Granny said...

Great pictures. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Joni, I am laughing about your husband looking at the airplanes while you photographed the tables! That is neat the way that curled those leaves for the centerpieces. I felt that way when we were in Washington- in awe of all of the history. Great photos. laurie

Sarah said...

Joni, it looks like this was a fun family trip. Washing DC is such an amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Beeutiful by Design said...

Washington is always wonderful. They have some terrific parties! So many things are free!