Monday, July 7, 2014

Kyle's Mint Mojito Slushy

Hot summer days call for cool summer drinks.  The other night my husband came up with this drink  It is sort of a version of a mint mojito drink, without the alcohol, and lots of crushed ice.  We all loved it, and have had it several times since.  A friend we had over for dinner said that the mint just makes it "over the top!"
Before I go any further, I want to thank you for all the good wishes for my son.  He dropped using a walker this past week -- that is progress!   He is now using crutches.  He drove for the first time in over 5 weeks for a little bit -- more progress!!  Hopefully in about 3 weeks he will be off the everyday IV antibiotics.
So my husband's recipe is very simple. 
Kyle's Mint Mojito Slushy
1 can (12 ounces) frozen limeade
Ice Cubes
4 tablespoons sugar -- add more or less according to your taste
About 30 small mint leaves -- we used peppermint leaves
Add the can of frozen limeade to an Osterizer container.  Fill the container with ice.  Then fill up the spaces of the Osterizer container with water to the top of the container.  Then add sugar and peppermint leaves, starting with 10 and then tasting, adding 10 more leaves then tasting, until you reach desired flavor.  Don't even think of using dried leaves. Blend until mixture is completely incorporated and the ice has been crushed finely and mixture is smooth.    Note:  At our Sprout's market they sell Mojito Mint plants; this would also be great, but we just used the mint we had growing in a container on our deck.
I hope you make this!  We love it.  Enjoy your summer day.


Sarah said...

Joni, great news about your son. I know this has been a stressful time for your family.
The mini mojito looks like a refreshing drink for summer. Thanks!

Jacqueline said...

This sounds yummy and I think I have the ingredients. We have lots of mint in the garden.
Glad Skyler is doing better. We got his sweet thank you! Enjoy every day of summer!