Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bats and Spiders and...Zoulah...Oh My Tablescape

I have been an extremely lazy blogger lately, but it wouldn't seem like Halloween, if Zoulah didn't get in her "Bewitchen Kitchen" and provide some Halloween magic in our home   She has been cooking around Halloween in our home for the last 7 years.  She is an old gal, and has seen some hard times her life, a couple of falls and some broken legs, but she still is able to swirl her spatula, like a wand.

]She began to howl and moan, so I brought her out today, and as I was setting the table, it was to be a bat and a spider table, she jumped to the middle of the table, and installed herself as the centerpiece.

We started with a white undercloth and laid a lacy spiderweb cloth.  The plates are square, one plastic, or plastique as Zoulah says.

Then we put the cute batty plates on the other plates.

For the spider part, we added these glasses with a jaunty Halloween straw.

We added another plastique  hob nail glass.

We added a bright orange napkin.

What Halloween dinner could be without candy, and these kisses are the cutest!  Stay tuned for more, when Zoulah gives a rundown of all the Halloween Candy that is out there this year.

 The little kisses say:


Zoulah so loves them!

Just a full shot of the table.

Zoulah wishes you a Happy Halloween season, and she hopes you come back for more Halloween fun!

Some of Zoulah's work.

Ta-Ta for now!

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Sarah said...

Zoulah is such a great gal! I'm glad she is back this season to share her creative goodies. ;-)

Miss Merry said...

I always look forward to Zoulahs Halloween ideas!

Bonnie said...

What a cute table Joni. I always look forward to Zoulahs posts.

Unknown said...

What a cute table! I'm so glad zoulah is out and kicking again. I'm excited to see what new Halloween fun she will conjure up!!

Unknown said...

Zoulah is the best I'm glad when this season comes around just to see what zoulah will cook up!

Jacqueline said...

Love it when Zoulah and Beaulah return! So sad they can't fly far enough to have fun together! Those were the days! Love your picture of all of Zoulah's fun over the years. She is such a great gal!