Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forsythias and Eggs Easter Table

Welcome to our Forsythias and Eggs Easter Table!  The forsythia at our home is in bloom and is brightening up our property and life.  You always knows when the forsythia is in bloom that spring is here.
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I have had this venerable and honorable Mr. Rabbit for years.  Today he is carrying a load of forsythia instead of his usual load of eggs. 
I was a bit worried our forsythia wouldn't bloom this year because we had so little moisture, but fortunately, it did bloom!
Don't worry, he knows where his delivery of eggs are.  He will make it to your home this year :).  Some of eggs  have been skewed around the table.
A little view of the springey napkins.
I love these green glasses.  C'est magnifique, they are plastique!
How about some white chocolate mousse eggs?  Click here the recipe and instructions.  Around here, they are a family favorite around Easter
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Lulu said...

I love forsythia and am so sorry that we arrive in Maine just after it is finished blooming. I'm glad to have glimpsed it on your table. Happy Easter!

La Table De Nana said... and your sister have the cutest things!:)

After her will both be making macarons..and the best:)


What an adorable Easter table and vignette! I love the flowers and that cute bunny planter! You girls have a great and happy Easter..ya hea?

Lynn said...

Pretty colors Joni-Happy Easter:@)

Tea in Texas said...

Love your Easter tablescape! The sweet egg cups add so much to your place setting. The forsythia is gorgeous in the bunny vase. I thought you would enjoy the blog "My Old Historic House" which has a beautifuul table set with forsythia.Have a grand Easter!


Candy S said...

The bunny and his load of forsythia are so charming. I love your Easter tablescape. The chocolate mousse eggs look very tasty. I wish I were having Easter at home this year. I do want to try the mousse but I will have to save the recipe for another time. Have a Blessed and Happy Easter.

Diane said...

I wish that I had something wonderful blooming. So many of our buds were prevented from blooming by our late freezing weather - so sad! Love those chocolate egg holders - yum!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Joni, such a pretty table. I am envious of your forsthia. My wreath on my table is forsthia, but silk.
Your little egg cups are adorable and I think your mock cadbury eggs are so creative. Have a blessed Easter.

Alycia Nichols said...

Hooray for forsythia!!! Yours looks really great...lots of blooms. We don't have forsythia anymore, but I love to see it all around the neighborhood and up and down the highways this time of year. It's so pretty for decorating!!!

You come up with some of the most intriguing desserts! Chocolate mousse that looks like an cool! I know my family would faint if I suddenly became that creative in the kitchen!! I just slap something in a pan and tell them to love it or leave it! :-)

I never would have guessed those glasses were "plastique" rather than glass. They're really pretty. I like the double balls of the stem.

I wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Easter weekend. Take care!!!

Jacqueline said...

Joni, your table is so cute and that darling little bunny holding the forsythia couldn't be cuter! I showed all my girlfriends your chocolate eggs and now they all want to get together on Saturday to make them for their Easter desserts!

You got some amazing bokeh effects in your photos. So fabulous!

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