Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Love Pizza Tablescape and Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizzas

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Welcome to my WE LOVE PIZZA Tablescape and Homemade Pizza Dinner!  Today we had an early lunch/ dinner of homemade heart-shaped pizzas.  It was my pre-Valentine dinner for my family.  We often make homemade pizza, how about you?  My kids love to roll out their dough and make individual-sized pizzas, however today I made all the pizzas myself.

Welcome to Lynn's, Happier Than a Pig in Mud's "Favorite Appliance Day! I yak about my favorite appliance toward the end of the post. 

It's time for pizza!  Isn't it always a good time for pizza?

Here's the individual place setting.  I put in a red bowl, because I always have to have a little RED-- it just makes me happy.

The red hobnail-type bowls are a new acquisition -- just so fun and festive.

When I use the bubble glasses, I always include a view.

Here's a full view of the table.  Sometimes I have used my Lazy Susan for all the pizza ingredients. Ooops -- one napkin is out of place and it is too late to retake the photo.

What do you want to put on your pizza?  There is also Italian Chicken Sausage to top the pizzas that is not pictured.  Have you ever had Sunshine Market's chicken sausage?   It is very flavorful and low in fat.

I totally stole borrowed the heart-shaped pepperoni idea from Lori, the hostess of  I Have A Big Story to Tell.  Aren't they so cute?  Lori, thanks for the great and simple idea!

I don't use a pizza stone; we are usually making so many individual pizzas at once that a pizza stone just doesn't have enough room for all our pizzas.  I do think a pizza stone provides a better crust.  I put a little cornmeal on a cookie sheet and lay the crust on the sheet; this helps raise the crust off the cookie sheet.  I traced around the removable bottom of a heart tart pan to get the heart-shaped dough.

Here's the heart-shaped pepperoni pizza waiting to be baked.  Once again, here are the cutest little pepperoni hearts.  You just fold the pepperoni in half and cut it like a paper heart.  I saved the scraps and put them on  another pizza; I don't like to waste! 

Pizzas waiting on the rack to be eaten.

Another tempting shot of the pizzas.  I made six different pizzas today.  Pizza does taste good the next day.  I made a double batch of dough which yielded 6 tart-sized heart-shaped pizzas and one mini pizza.

A cooked pizza plated.

I made one individual pizza that my husband ate before dinner.

Everyone it's time for dinner! The pizza is getting cold!

Lynn at Happier than a Pig in Mud is holding a "My Favorite Kitchen Gadget" party on Valentine's Day.  I always use my Bosch Mixer when making pizza dough.  It really is one of my favorite gadgets.  It also comes in really handy when making a triple batch (3 loaves) of whole wheat bread with 11 to 12 cups of whole-wheat flour; it is a real workhorse.  My husband totally surprised me one Mother's Day with this mixer.  Before I used the Bosch, I couldn't make 100 percent whole wheat bread that I was satisfied with.

I like to make my pizza dough with a mix of fifty percent white flour and fifty percent whole-wheat flour.  I've tried to make it with 100 percent whole wheat and the crust is a bit heavy.  Today I made my crust a little bit thicker to allow me to transfer the crust from my counter to the cookie sheet. 
Pizza Dough Recipe

1-3/4 to 2 cups warm water -- start with 1-3/4' cup first and then adjust.
2 teaspoons yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups white bread flour or all-purpose flour
2 cups whole wheat flour

Add water, yeast and salt together in a mixing bowl.  Gradually add the flour and mix all ingredients until fully combined.  Adjust water to make a workable dough.  Knead dough for 5 to 10 minutes or use the Bosch, or another heavy duty mixer, to do both the mixing and the kneading.  Let rise until doubled; punch down and let rise again.  Roll out pizza dough and then add toppings.  Bake in a 500 degree oven for 8 to 10  minutes -- watching to make sure you don't overcook.  This has been adapted from a recipe from my sister, Jacqueline, at Purple Chocolat Home.

Everyone enjoyed the pizza and I loved the little heart pepperonis --just perfect for Valentine's Day!  I hope you have the best time and enjoy the day with the people that you love!

Table Information:
Placemats. Silverware, Cakestand, Napkin Fabric:  Wal-Mart
Pizza Salad Plates and Serving Plates:  Albertson's Grocery Store last year
Red Hobnail-type Bowls -- Michael's Arts and Crafts Stores -- on clearance recently
Bubble Glasses:  Tai Pan Trading
Red Lantern:  Pier 1
Red Clock:  Robert's Arts and Crafts

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Lori Lucas said...

Kudo's to you Joni. The pizza's look absolutely delicious. What a fun meal. Now I am going to have to 'steal' that pizza dough recipe. My favorite pizza to buy always has that cornmeal on/in it too. I will try yours for sure. It will be a great idea when all my "kids" are home. Your table was also beautiful. The red hobnails are the bomb! Love them. Have a great weekend. Lori L

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Super cute idea Joni! Looks great!


Bonnie said...

I Love my Bosch. Mine is old, about 22 years and still going strong. I'd rather eat pizza than Valentine sweets, any day.

Lynn said...

Your pizzas and table look great Joni, cute plates! I'm sure you give your Bosch a work out! Love homemade doughs, and you know you have a winner when teenagers ask you to make pizza! Thanks so much for joining the Gadget Party, linky will be up later today. Happy Valentine's Day:@)

Moore Minutes said...

That pizza looks amazing...yummm! You made the perfect heart. And the heart pepperoni is adorable lol.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

That's a Valentine idea that would be sure to please any family! I love the heart pepperoni and your pizza plates.

I've never heard of the Bosch mixer but have been really wanting to get a bread machine lately. I'll check it out!

La said...

These look delicious! I love pizza and don't trust anyone who doesn't. ;O}

Sarah said...

Joni, I may have to order pizza for tonight. ;-)
I saw Lori's heart pizza. Love the idea. Perhaps I'll even make one.
Thanks for sharing this darling tablescape and pizza meal. ~ Sarah

michelle said...

Joni, why do you have to go and show up the rest of us, NOT making anything heart shapped?! ha. Im doing mini pizzas too, but im not making mine hearts! so cute and I love that you took the time to do it!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Oh what wonderful family memories you've blessed me with! I had a Bosch Mixer over 25 years ago! I used to make 4 loaves of bread at a time easier than baking cakes and LOVED it! :) I tried one of the newer single loaf breadmakers a few years ago and not even close. It is definitely the best! :)

Unknown said...

Joni....what a great post and lucky you to have a bosch :)


Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Joni, I am in love with this pizza idea! I see pineapple on that tray of ingredients--yum! I can't believe how much work you did making these, even cutting out the pepperoni! The pizzas are very tempting. And I've never heard of the Bosch mixer. Don't you think our red Pier 1 lanterns work everywhere? I've been using mine constantly! Linda

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Who wouldn't love heart shaped pizza??? Love this post...
Have a beautiful week!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful table and delicious looking pizza. Love the heart shaped pepperoni idea.

Jacqueline said...

I adore the heart shaped pizzas! They are great and love the little heart shaped pepperonis. I love my Bosch for pizza making too, especially for a crowd!
Happy Valentine's Day.XOXOXO

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"You have made me SO HUNGRY right now"!!! I LOVE those heart pizza's! You are SO CLEVER! and the little pepperoni hearts are TOO CUTE!Did you cut each one out with scissors??? UGH!!! Love the adorable look of them though! and my Hunny Bun is worth it...I wonder if he would even notice, hehe! I guess I'd have to "TELL HIM"!!! Your sister has that WONDERFUL pizza oven, How about you? A pizza stone works good, I have never tried one. MAYBE I'll just have to get one!
Thank you for sharing...
Happy Valentine's Day,
Hugs, Donna

bj said...

OMGosh...these pizzas look sooo good. We all eat a lot of pizza..just love it, but I've never made a homemade one.
xoxo bj

Joy Tilton said...

Heart shaped pizzas...too cute and for my pizza loving husband, he'd say true love!!!

Cathy said...

Wow, I love your festive table, Joni! Red and white is my favorite color combo and the black adds lots of drama. Your heart shaped pizza is perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Ladybird Ln said...

Super fun, we made heart shape pizze at my place too, I did not think about making the pepperoni's heart as well.. What a clever idea, I love the table decorations as well!!

If you would like you can see mine at

Denise Marie said...

fun pizza!! love your skewers too. I made a set of Peeps heart lollipop for son's basketball team.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Love the heart shaped pizzas and really loved the heart shaped pepperoni!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful table, pizza and what a great gadget!

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

I wish you took take-out orders ; }
These are just the cutest pizzas ... and you even have MY favorite toppings, pineapple and ham!!

Thank you for sharing ... I'll give it a try!


Kathleen said...

Love your heart pizzas! I should have used my pan to guide me, my heart is a little out of shape! :) Like me!
I have two Bosch dishwashers, but I didn't know about their mixers.
I don't have a bread machine. DH makes the bread and I don't want to phase out his job! LOL

Debbie said...

How did I miss this?? I love the idea of heart pizzas. I need to pass that one along to my daughters.

Donnie said...

That is really cute especially for the young ones. Very pretty table setting too.

xinex said...

Your pizza is making me very hungry, it looks so good! Love your pizza plates too.....Christine

Marie Arden said...

I will have to make my own pizza again. I used to and it was fun. What a pretty table and yummy pizza you made.
Marie Arden Pink Living

Melissa Miller said...

I love it! This is all just adorable.

Warmly, ~Melissa

Alycia Nichols said...

My hat is off to you for making your own crust!!! I have such a hard time making ANYTHING where yeast is required. I don't know why! :-( Beautiful pizza and novel idea!

Marlis said...

I love the heart pizza's.. what a great way to have a meal... Your table is wonderful. I love the pizza plates!!! And the harlequin napkins are perfect.. fun fun fun. Now i"m hungry again.

Dad24treasures said...

We do heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's Day, too -- but I never thought to TRACE a heart to make the shapes perfect! (So mine always turn out a little wonky!) I also did the heart-shaped pepperoni one year -- but found it a little too tedious for a family of six pepperoni lovers!! LOL

Anyway -- your table and food look AWESOME! :)

a quiet life said...

darling darling darling! did i mention cute?

Chubby Chieque said...

TY a mill for the pizza dough recipe. I will make one on Sunday as my hubby LOVE pizza.

I really enjoy roaming around your house (blog). TY once again, for the great ideas.

Happy TS,

Entertaining Women said...

What a darling and delicious idea for Valentines Day. You've tempted me to try my hand at homemade pizza. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. Cherry Kay

Marigene said...

Cute table for dining on pizza...speaking of it, ♥ the ♥ shaped pizza!

Jennifer said...

What an adorable tablescape! I love the pizza plates and the checkered napkins! The heart pizza is pretty cute too!
Scissors & Spatulas

Frieda said...

I love "art de la table"
I love this pizza that can
make my boys be happy!
Thanks for this "partage"