Friday, April 8, 2011

Jell-O Easter Egg Cookies

Although it may be storming
outside,  it is Spring in my Kitchen.

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes.

Yesterday, a horrible thing happened...I only had two mini-bags of cookies
and three lunches to put together!  My youngest daughter didn't get cookies
 in her lunch -- and she let me know about it!
This morning, being the wonderful and great mother that
I always am  -- :) I woke up early and played in the kitchen
making Jell-O Easter eggs. 
Today, I made sure that her lunch was packed with cookies. 
Let's face it, cookies can always brighten our day!

This is the pan I used.  I have owned it for many moons. 
It is stamped Wilton 1993.  If you don't have an egg pan, you can still play and
make normal cookies.

I am linking up with Beverly at Pink Saturday.  The strawberry Jell-O eggs are more pink than red.
I used lemon, lime,
and strawberry Jell-O to make my Easter egg cookies.  I am sure your
children and grands would like to make some. 
You can make them single colored.

Recipe for Jell-O Cookies

3/4 cup butter or shortening
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 (3 ounce) package of Jell-o
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2-1/2 cups flour

Mix all ingredients.  If dough seems a bit dry add the tiniest amount of water.  Spray egg mold impressions with Pam that contains flour or Baker's Joy.  Press ball of dough in egg mold and press dough firmly to fit the egg mold.   Bake in 350 degree oven for about 6 to 8 minutes.  If you don't have an egg mold, you can make normal cookies.  Allow the cookies to bake longer from 8 to 10 minutes.  If desired, drizzle with powdered sugar icing.  Just add a very small amount of water to powdered sugar to make the icing.

You can make them multi-colored.. 
 I used lemon, lime and strawberry flavored Jell-O's.   
For two flavors, just combine two colored balls of dough;
for three flavors, just combine three colored balls of dough.


La said...

You are the funnest mom, EVER. I've never seen these before. They look very interesting....mmmm....I have all the ingredients, too.


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Those are adorable, Joni! You are a good mom :)

NaomiG said...

I have never heard of cookies using these ingredients before--they sounds so yummy and neat! Sounds like the perfect Easter cookie. I'll have to make some with my kiddos.

Jamie said...

Those look like a lot of fun to make. Have to get lil miss in the kitchen with me tomorrow.

Karen said...

These are so creative!!!

Jacqueline said...

OOPS! Are you forgiven now?

These look really fun, colorful and flavorful. I love how pretty they are. We need something to brighten up our day here in the awful gloom!

I bet they taste really good too. I don't have that cute pan, how fun is that.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday

Unknown said...

Joni, these are fabulous! I see a kid-ling visit with fun baking to do. TY for sharing.

A cookie filled lunch bag a happy child makes ... I'll take Oreo's please.

Have a sweet PS weekend ~

FUN GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

How adorable and yummy! Thanks for the recipe! Happy Pink Saturday!

Lilianna Grace said...

Super duper cute and colorful!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

These are is your blog!

Bella Rosa Antiques

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Joni, I just love cute food, and those are SO adorable. I think they are the perfect Easter treat, and they sound delicious, too. Thanks for this recipe. I might have to give it a whirl.

Happy Pink Saturday to you...


Sheila :-)

Terri Morse said...

Hi Joni! That definitely would be a crisis! Cookies are important to this big girl too. Your cookies are so cute. Happy Pink Saturday! Terri

Suzie said...

I've never tried Jell-O cookies!

I'm featuring them on my blog today.

Sue said...

You make the cutest, most colorful things with jello, Joni:) Darling. Hopefully these jello cookies made up for the missing cookies yesterday. Cookies make me happy too! BTW, I like your playlist:)

Marie Arden said...

How cute. I love cute food.I will try these for my Easter baskets. Thanks for the recipe

LV said...

What a fun way to make cookies. I am sure all the other children at their school loved them too.

mypinkprettiesaboutme said...

Good Mommy! Thx for sharing your cookies. I have never seen them before. But I'm going to try them.


suesueb said...

Such a great idea! I've never heard of these before and hope I can make some for my grands. Thanks for sharing your recipe and I hope you have a beautiful pink weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Those are the cutest! Thanks Joni!

Erin said...

These are great! Very festive and I bet they tasted yummy!!!

suesueb said...

Me again! I've been browsing through your recipes (and your sisters) and have to stop since I'm on Weight Watchers. I'll be sure to bookmark you though for special occasions~wonderful recipes!!

Anonymous said...

these are adorable
something i'll definitely
make for the GRANDS...
thanks for sharing :D
happy pink saturday

Unknown said...

What an awesome recipe. I can't wait to try it.

Julie Harward said... they are so cute! ;D

Loretta said...

MMMM...yummy! These look marvelous. I'm off to check out your other recipes; I love recipes!

Arabella said...

So cute and I bet they are yummy too! Happy Pink Saturday :O)

Unknown said...

How cute are those?! They look like they are super moist. :P Yummy!


Jori said...

Awesome! Those are so bloomin' cute! You are a super fun mom! Love the cookies!

Carol at Serendipity said...


Very pretty. I bet your daughter was pleased.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers said...

Oh how fun! And wouldn't my grandchildren have fun with them along with the Easter jelly bean project and their Resurrection Easter Eggs - perfect for a fun spring party for all the grandkids. Thank you for sharing this. I'll have to save it for sure! Happy Pink Saturday!

Bluebirds and Roses said...

Yummy! HPS!

Mikey Fuller said...

These are great and so easy. Must. Go. To. Michael's. And. Buy. Egg. Pan.

Some of my most faithful followers are from Utah! Love it! The best boss I've ever had and still a friend lives there (Fruit Heights/Kaysville)! I live in Virgina, but she ran the company I worked for!

Now following! Thanks so much for stopping by!

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

Bonnie said...

Such a cute idea. I own a wilton egg pan that is similar. Love the colors. I think you made it up to your daughter.

bj said...

First time to hear of using jello in cookies.
Sure wish I had an egg pan..these are so darling. Can't wait to try them.
Thanks for coming over and following. I THINK I already follow you but I'll check. If not, I will. :))

Unknown said...

Very Cute...and they sound as if they will taste great to.

I would love for you to link them up to :
"Made it on Monday" a WEEKLY RECIPE LINK PARTY on my blog.

*link up every Wed.-Sat.*

Sarah said...

How cute! It must be fun to have you as a mom! ~ Sarah

The Charm of Home said...

Those are super cute! I love how they turned out and I bet they taste just as good as they look. Thanks for linking it up!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are adorable! Really they are so cute and colorful.

Sue said...

How did you get by skipping the youngest? In our house it would have been the oldest that didn't get cookies (and it would have cost me a dollar)! I love the ways these look.

Ali said...

Oh how fun! I have a super, super old egg pan but it is in a storage box, lost somewhere. :( Ah well, I'll remember these cheery little eggs when I find it. I'd love for you to add this to the Hump Day Hoorah link party. I hope to see you there! :)

Unknown said...

so glad you were able to link up this make the best stuff! these cookies are so cute...and i bet really tasty. thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I can't wait to make these with my grands. How cute! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe for Favorite Things. laurie

Clements Family said... cute are those!!!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Yum! I'm making these today. Thanks. I love your Wolfie. He looks like a sweet kitty I had a few years ago. Is he just a fool for attention? Mine was. Maybe it's an orange kitty thing?~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Trina said...

I am going to feature this on my blog Friday!

Trisha said...

I love these ... what a fun easter treat!

Anonymous said...

These are so fun! I just featured them over on my blog! :)