Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pizzelle Potatoes


 I make hash browns from time to time with the aid of an electric skillet, it always seems to take so much time, and the potatoes are never really very crunchy.  The other day while browsing Pinterest, I saw someone put hash browns in their waffle maker.  So, I thought of putting hash browns in my pizzelle maker so you could also have a little design.  Is it a surprise that the Red Couch children quickly ate them up?
Just add a little olive oil to your pizzelle maker or waffle iron and then cook until crisp.  Make sure to season with salt and pepper.  I tried using my pizzelle maker, a heart waffler, and a Scooby Doo waffler.   All appliances worked fine, but I liked the pizelle maker, not for just the pretty design, but also because the pizelle maker had a latch on it, which helped quicken the cooking time.
I would like to add that I always try to give credit for a recipe or an idea, but unfortunately, I was not able to find the original link for this concept, it was tagged as spam.
Have a great day.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

It All Started With a Dream of Mint Green Shoes

It all started with a dream that my daughter had.
In her dream, she bought some mint green shoes..."AND THEY WERE SO CUTE!"
She would have no luck finding mint green shoes in the small village she lives in,  so she travelled to the big cities up north in pursuit of mint green shoes.
Although she looked and looked, her pursuit was in vain, no mint green shoes could be found in the big cities.  She settled for a turquoise pair of shoes'
The girl who had the dream had a very special birthday party coming up...she was turning Sweet 16.
Since she couldn't find mint green shoes, she decided to have a mint green Sweet Sixteen Party.
She and her mother prepared the food with care.  The girl who dreamed about mint green shoes made sure that the cake frosting, the cake pops, and the cookie icing were just the right shade of the green in her dream.
Her mother tried to make everything "just rosy" for the special girl who had turned 16.  She made a mint green rose cake for the girl who had a dream about the shoes.
Since the girl couldn't realize her dream of buying mint green shoes, she twisted her dream and had a mint green party.
And so the beautiful birthday girl with the dream about mint-colored shoes blew out her candles with many good wishes for the future.
And the mint-colored cake tasted very good.

 The End
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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Sweet Candy Tower for a "Sweet" 16 Birthday

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes where we have been celebrating my daughter Tati's 16th birthday.  A candy tower is a  perfect way to celebrate an event of a "sweet" one in your life!
The tower base is just some oasis blocks hot glued together (low temperature glue).  I always keep the plastic wrapping on the oasis.  Then I glue on candy, some balloon weights, "16" candles and some ribbons.
 The candy tower is reminiscent of My 16th birthday where girls would present the birthday gal with candy ribbons. The candy ribbons were basically a bow with ribbons streaming from the bow and  candy taped on the ribbons. The birthday gal would pin the bows on and all day long other students would pull candy off the birthday gal. Well, my daughter doesn't have this traditon at her school, but this is what I have taken to my children's school when they turned 16.
The idea is that students will tear off candy from the tower all day long.  There is a lot of candy here; the tower is actually heavy.
My daughter is very sweet and I hope she enjoys this sweet birthday surprise.
A couple of years ago, I found this concept on Kim's Cheap Chic Home website.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting "Cozy" at the Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas

Hello Dear Readers.  So glad you could stop by Red Couch Recipes.  As you may know,  I recently drove from our home in Utah to Virginia.   I enjoyed  the drive, but could only nibble our way through the  journey.  I say "nibble" because we didn't have time to stop at many places along the way.  Interstate-70 runs horizontally through Kansas; it is a looooong drive, but there were so many interesting things that I wanted to do on the way!  We were able to stop by the Cozy Inn for some of their famous sliders.

The Cozy Inn is just my kind of place; it is unpretentious, delicious, and inexpensive.  They say that" all burgers are served with onion and an attitude."

Don't even think about asking for cheese on your slider -- they won't serve their sliders with cheese.  It is rumored that an employee once placed some cheese on a burger, and he was fired for the offence.  You won't be missing the cheese on these burgers!   Frankly, their sliders were some of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten.

You can order inside or outside.  If you order inside you can wait at some bar stools while your burgers are being cooked.  As you wait your senses will be assaulted by the delicious smell of beef and onions sizzling on the grill.  While there is little inside seating, there is ample outside seating.

We shared the #1 Value meal which includes six sliders, a bag of chips, and a can of pop -- all for the price of $6.29.   It was enough for both of us.  They have a simple menu here, they only serve up delicious hamburgers.

The steam from the hamburgers and onions cooking. If you wait inside while the burgers and onions are cooking, you will leave with the delicious aroma of onions surrounding you.

This is the man I love, Mr. Red Couch himself,  contemplating the world while he eats these delicious burgers.  This is his debut picture on Red Couch Recipes.

The outside ordering area.

Another view of the Cozy Inn hamburgers.

If you are traveling on Interstate 70, make sure you drop by the Cosy Inn, you will leave smacking your lips and hoping for more.  The Cozy Inn has proudly been serving up hamburgers at 108 North Seventh street in Salina, Kansas for over 90 years.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nibbles From Interstate 70: Colorado

A home in Palisade, Colorado.

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes where I recently have been traveling from our home in Utah to Northern, Virginia.  At the last moment, I decided to accompany my husband as he drove to his new job in Virginia.  It was about a 2,000 mile drive (over a 30 hour drive) from Utah to Northern Virginia.  We spent about 1,000 of our miles on Interstate 70, and about 444 of them on Interstate 70 in Colorado.   I am going to share just a few, that's why the title says nibbles, of the sights.  I wish that we could have stopped off at more sights, and I was frustrated that I couldn't.  We tried to take the trip as quickly as we could, and America I really wanted to stay and devour and not just nibble!

In Palisades, Colorado, they grow a lot of fruit.  At this fruit stand I bought some fresh fruit, not really a bargain, as the peaches were $3.00/pound, okay so they were $2.99/pound.  Frankly, they were not that good.

They had a lovely little public clock in the Palisades downtown and many charming homes.  There is just something about a public clock that is so appealing.

There is an amazing paved bike trail that follows Interstate 70 forever (Summit County) Well, not really forever, but about 55 miles.  It is the Breckenridge Bike Trail..  My husband tried to take a picture of the path as we drove, but he wasn't successful.

You can barely see the bike path at the top of this picture to the left.  It is hard to take photos when you are traveling at high speeds.

Colorado is all about mountains and the Colorado River.

Of course we had to stop at the No Name Rest stop.  I have no ideas why it is called that.

Here is a picture of some beautiful mountain real estate.

Interstate 70 is all about skiing in Colorado

The Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel is one of the longest and highest tunnesl of the Interstate System in the United States. I always have weird thoughts going through long tunnels, like what would happen if we would have an earthquake?  My dad always used to honk through tunnels.

Next on to Kansas where we find some of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My New Countertops -- From Drab to Fab!


It is a sad reality of life sometimes that when we are moving that we fix up our home for a buyer.  The things that bothered us when we move into a home....that we think we will fix up, we sometimes never get around to....until we ourselves are in the seller's position.  I didn't like green countertops when we were buying the home, but they were other things about the home that I loved, so I ignored the countertops.  As time went on, there were other more important things to spend our money on than countertops.  Needless to say, my old countertops were not a great backdrop for my food pictures. 


When I new that we were going to sell our home, I called my sister Jacqueline, Purple Chocolat Home, and asked if she could help me stage my home. She immediately said, "Well you are going to have to get rid of those green countertops!" She backed up her advice with action because she and her husband own a company called Whitewater, and they manufacture and install countertops. They have a new man-made, internationally marketed, product, called Tyvarian. It is a solid suface countertop that provides the look of natural stone, but doesn't take on stains, and scratches can be easily sanded out.  They have lots of gorgeous colors available.  Thanks Jacqueline and Kirk for our new countertops.

I love how the new sink fits in so perfectly.

One of my favorite features of the countertops is the what I termed "the big boy edge."  It just really gives the kitchen a more dramatic feel.

I love the peaceful feeling that the countertops bring to our kitchen.  Lately, there hasn't been a lot of cooking or baking going on in the kitchen -- moving has a way of sapping your energy.

I did make some sugar cookies and cupcakes for my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor, and I loved rolling out the sugar cookies on these solid surface countertops.

Moving Update:
Our home was under contract, an inspection was done, and an appraisal was begun, but not finished and the buyer backed out.  We are now back to square one.  My husband leaves, solo, on the 8th of August for Virginia.  The seller decided that he didn't like the area,  and even though he accepted a position here, he wanted to try to move somewhere else as soon as possible; he decided to rent instead of buy.   This area, as my children say, is a "jeep-n, fish-n, hunt-n, camp-n, 4-wheel-n, dirtbike-n, hike-n" kind of place.  There is little night life for a single guy from the city.
Thanks for dropping by to view my new countertops.

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