About Me

Hi, welcome to my "About Me" page!  I am always flattered that someone would want to know a bit about me.  I am just an ordinary, struggling, normal mom trying to make life fun for my husband and my three kids by being creative in the kitchen.  I have a Red Couch is situated near the kitchen and dining room and all the goings on, and mess :), there --- thus Red Couch Recipes.  I love the holidays, always have, and many of my creations are centered around the holidays. 

We reside in the high desert of Utah on about two acres in a small town living with three cats and two chickens.

My Attribution Policy
I get my recipes from many sources.  I always try my best to attribute where they come from.  Sometimes that is difficult to do because many of them, in the old days, were just ripped from a magazine or newspaper.