Monday, November 28, 2016

Santa Hat Tablescape

Hello, and welcome to my Santa Hat Table.  When my daughter gave me these Santa Hal bowls last year, I knew that I would be doing a tablescape with them.

They are so fun, and I knew I had the right plates, the basketweave brown, to coordinate with the rim of the brown bown.

I added mini Santa hats in each glass.  These are so cute!

I loved using bamboo napkins on this table.

Centering the table, is this wooden, low-profile candleholder, flanked by fresh greens and red and brown Christmas balls.'

Fresh greenery on the table, is, ooh so festive!

Just another view of the bowl and plates.

Thanks for visiting my Santa Hat Table!

We call him our Santa Cat when he wears this little hat!  He is such a sweetie!

Thanks for stopping by our Couch.

Celebrating Thanksgiving With the Neighbors

Hello Red Couch Readers, I want to share with you my Thanksgiving with my adorable neighbors.  They are next-door neighbors, and we really lucked out to live next to them.  They have three sweet daughters, and they just had an addition to their family on Saturday , a little boy!

This is the dining room we ate.  Ashley, the mom and wife, always does such a good job decorating.

 She made a cute butcher paper table cloth with painted handprints of her daughters and the parents.

Everyone was given a crayon so that we could write what we were thankful for.

 She had a beautiful centerpiece.

A close up of the centerpiece.

 Each placesetting had this cute sign.

 Using the crayon to write what we are thankful for.

Winco grocery store sells butter molded into turkeys for Thanksgiving and butter molded into Christmas trees for Christmas.

I love this chalkboard wall, where she always has something interesting posted.

Desserts on Log Cakestands

She made lovely hand pies.

Alice, Their Youngest

Their Middle Child, June, With Our Talley

Their Oldest Child

B. J, the Husband and Dad

Ashleyis a woman with a lot of style.  She delivered her baby two days later.  You might ask, why we didn't have Thanksgiving at our home?  We offered, but she wanted to do it.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving spent with good neighbors and friends.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Turkey Table

Whew, how did November come, and now it is mid-November?  I have always wanted to take a picture of my Thanksgiving table with the turkey on the table, and it finally happened!  I love setting a Thanksgiving table, the fall colors are just so warm and inviting.

The star of the table, of course, are these turkey plates by Myott.  I love them!  I bought some, and my sister Jacqueline gave me some, so I have salad and dinner plates for twelve.

I bought these compote dishes from a Christmas Tree store in Virginia.  I think they were thirty-nine cents!  The napkin holders add some bling; I won them from Kathleen in my early days of blogging.  I tucked a fall pick in for extra color.

Just a side view of the table. The chargers were on discount at Wal-Mart many years ago, but I think they still have them.

This turkey server was on our Thanksgiving table when I was young.  It is perfect for holding stuffing.

Just a view through a bubbly glass.

Just one more view of the napkin.

And the moment I have been waiting for....the turkey.  Okay, so the turkey doesn't look like Southern Living, but I love finally getting a shot of my turkey with my table.  Usually, we just dive in and eat before I can get photos taken. 

I hope you are able to share time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving!

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Zoulah's Halloween Party 2016

Zoulah threw a party for some of my daughter Talley's friends.  She brought our her frightening, but family friendly food for the party.  She has been doing a variation of this party for many, many years.

Mummies always are a delight on Halloween night, especially if it was a cold Trick or Treating night.

Veggie Bones provide a respite from all the candy and cookies.

Witch Wands come in handy on Halloween night.

Pumpkin Poo is a bit tantalizing for pre-adolescent boys.

Moldy Chips are perfect to crunch on.

Non-Moldy Chips were also available to dip in Bat Venom.

Ogre Eyes were popular this Halloween night.

Witch Tears can give you a break from all the sweets and provide a little salty for the evening.

Said one guest, "I really like these, but I cannot eat them with that sign on the plate."

Spider bread is always a hit, especially if it is fresh out of the oven.  There is a certain satisfaction in tearing off a leg and eating it.

The dessert and drink station was in another room.

Sheblob Punch has been a favorite around the Larsen home for years.

The Vampire Bloods were so enjoyed by the guests that a shot glass was broke from all their toasting.
Who would have known that so much fun could be had with cranberry juice?

Warty Witch Fingers have been a staple of our Halloween parties for years.

Monster cookies in their vibrant color joined our party fore the first time this year.

Those who were craving more sugar, had sugar cookies to munch on.

Worms to be gobbled up are always a favorite.

Decayed Teeth serve as a reminder what may lie in your future if you eat too much Halloween candy.

Some dastardly Pixies left their poison, so beware!


The pumpkin spewing out dry ice is always fun.

My daughter and her friends attended a church dance prior to the party.

Zoulah thanks you for dropping by, and hopes to see you next year around her favorite season.