Holiday Recipes

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Christmas Recipes

Grandma Utahna Felix's English Toffee

This is my husband's grandma's vintage recipe for English toffee.  It is a no thermometer recipe that is easy to make, and frankly is the best toffee ever.  Some years I have made up to 24 batches!

Amazing Almond Rum Balls

These little confections are a huge favorite at Christmastime at my house.  The almond-rum filling is divine combined with chocolate and nut covering makes it hard to resist.

Cocoa  Peppermint Snowballs

This is such a delicious version of snowballs.  I love the cocoa flavor it these!

My Aunt Ionia was our Christmas Angel.  Each Christmas Eve we would go to her house for dinner and presents.  The lavish dessert trays would always include pecan cups!  She would always serve peppermint ice cream along with the cookies.
My niece Jessica brought these to a family Christmas party, and I fell in love with them.

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