• Every year Zoulah can be found in her Bewitchen Kitchen at Red Couch Recipes during the Halloween Season.  Here are her top 12 posts from the past 4 years.   

    Zoulah welcomes you to her Hallowen page at Red Couch Recipes.

Have some fun crafting up these cute witch shoes, and then stuff them with a bit of Halloween candy for a loved one.  These are Zoulah approved!
Number 2:  Candy Corn Spheres

I can't think of a more fun Halloween craft than these spheres.  They come together so quickly, and provide such a dramatic effect.

Number 3:  Halloween Candy Skewers

This was one of the most fun ideas that I created for Halloween.  You can use them as a decoration, or give them as a little giftie.  Half the fun is shopping for the candy.

Number 4:  Candy Corn Cookies

 Oh what fun it is to take the iconic candy corn and make a cookie that honors it.  These swirlie cookies are so fun to make!

Number 5:  Halloween Yarn Spheres

 These bright orbs will brighten your Halloween.

Number 6:  Candy Corn CrazeTablescape

Candy corn spheres are the highlight of this festive table celebrating the  candy corns the quintessential Halloween candy.

Number 7:  Mummies with Moldy Dressing

 A savory treat for Halloween.  Zoulah would brush her teeth with the moldy dressing if she could

Number 8:  Licorice Caramels

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without these butter and delicious caramels.

Number 9:  Candy Corn Wand Bouquet

Any little witch or goblin would love to have one of these.

Number 10:  Wicked Witch of the West Fingers

Shhh...don't tell Elphaba that Zoulah got some of her fingers. 

Number 11:  Zoulah's Pet Glo-Mo's

Zoulah had so much fun making these sweet little monsters.  Each of them have their own personality.  these would be fun to have children make at a party.

Number 12:  Zoulah's Home Tour

Almost every year, Zoulah gets a new Halloween home -- she is such a sweet tooth!  Come peak and take a tour.

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