Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spray Mist Frosting Graduation Cake

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Graduating season is in the air!  My daughter's friend Evelyn was graduating from high school, and they asked us to make a cake.  So I decided to make a rose cake.   Our  high school colors are blue and white and our mascot is a dinosaur, which by the way took second in the United States recently as the most popular mascot in a ESPN contest. Go Dinos! (We lost out to the Orphans... )

I didn't want to have an all white frosting so I used the Betty Crocker Color Mist.  I had never used it before, and I was really pleased!  It gave me the blue color that I wanted without loading the frosting with blue coloring.,  Such a fun tool for decorating.  I will use it in the future.  Using the mist, the glass cake stand was misted a beautiful blue.

I was a bit nervous spraying my cake with this, but I loved how it turned out
Then I dolled up the cake with non-edible things.
On another note, I recently celebrated a birthday, and my sister Jacqueline at Purple Chocolat Home gave me a blog makeover!  Thanks Jacqueline!  I love the new look!  Thans for your comments on it!  On my sidebar you can find a link to Linda, Life With Linda, who did the blog makeover.  She was wonderful to work with! 

On the Home Front

Hayley, Kristin, Tatianna, Talley
My daughters Tatianna and Talley with their cousins mugged for the camera in their nerd glasses at my nephew's missionary farewell.  He will be serving in the Washington D.C. North mission and leaves on a 2-year LDS mission on June 12.
Mack will be an awesome missionary!  He is earnest and honest in heart.

Thanks for your kind words.  I plan to be getting back to blogging soon.  Life throws twists and turns.  Recently, I was reminded how precious life is, and what a wonderful gift it is.  Hug your loved ones, and take time to enjoy them.
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