Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Candy Acorns!!

Welcome to Red Couch Recipes.
I have a little candy crafting to share with you today.  It would be perfect for the little ones to make while the turkey is cooking.  I found them to be easy to make and delicious to eat!  All you need is some Tootsie Rolls and Caramels.

Heat the caramels and the Tootsie Rolls, separately, in the microwave for about 10 seconds, or until the candy has softened and ready to roll into balls or be rolled out.  If the candy is not ready in 10 seconds, just add a few more seconds in the microwave.  Do this in small batches (4 or 5 caramels or 4 or 5 Tootsie Rolls)  and really be careful when heating in the microwave.  Take out of the microwave and begin rolling  the caramels, into oblongish rounds for the "nut" part of the acorns.  They don't have to be perfect -- mine weren't :).
Roll out the Tootsie Rolls into a thin round.  Then cut the Tootsie Roll round with a small cookie cutter.  If you don't have a suitable cookie cutter, then just cut out a small round of Tootsie Roll.
Score the "caps"  or capules with a knife, making cuts both horizontally and vertically.  Then make a hole in the center with a skewer or toothpick so that you can insert the stem.
Press the Tootsie Roll "cap" on the top of the caramel oblong.  If your acorn is "out of shape" at this time, just press on it gently to get it back into shape.  Then roll a small amount of Tootsie Roll into a stem.
Voila, you will have lots of cute acorns in just minutes!
This kind of candy crafting is right up my alley!  I first saw these on Pinterest; they were pinned from Linet's Cake's  Facebook page.  There wasn't a tutorial, so I decided to blog about them and provide a tutorial.  Thanks Linet; they are so charming!  They would be adorable on a cake or cupcakes!
I hope you make some of these.  They are so fun and easy to make, and I think the end product was charming.   Quick, I see some squirrels, or was that my 12 year-old daughter, with stuffed cheeks grabbing some to store up for the winter?
Candy or the real thing?
Wilkipedia Photo
We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

How cute! You come up with the best ideas, Jone. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving......Sarah

Leslie said...

I think "adorable!" pretty much sums these baby acorns up! I love this idea, and they would be tasty, too!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynn said...

They really turned out cute Joni, a fun project for the kids too! Happy Thanksgiving-enjoy:@)

La Table De Nana said...

Oh how cute:-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you:-)

Anonymous said...

How darling! What a fun way to play with food. I don't know how many would make it to the end product for me, as I would be gobbling them up along the way.

bj said...

I do believe this is the cutest candies I've seen lately. Adorable.
Thanks for sharing....
xo bj

Renée said...

I can always count on you for a creative treat. My grands will love making these. Thanks for sharing the how to for me. Have a happy one!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

I bet the squirrels were looking at those acorns through the window! LOL Love them! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.

Debbie said...

OK, I'm sitting here with my daughter looking a a few blogs with her, and we are both doing a little squealy "isn't that adorable" thing.


I have to try this. I LOVE it!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Very clever Joni and so cute! I could eat a whole dish full! Happy Thanksgiving! xox

Entertaining Women said...

These are darling! I'm going to share this with my daughter-in-love for my grandsons! Happy
Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

Jacqueline said...

These are so pretty! They look like plastic. I had to look really close. What a fun and easy idea. We should have the grandkids try these! Your Cranberry Crunch salad looks fabulous too. What a light and refreshing take on it! Have a great Thanksgiving.